At-Tadhkirah – Reminder about the Condition of the Dead and the Events of the Hereafter


From the author himself:
“I deemed that it would be suitable to write a concise book that will act as a reminder to myself, and a righteous deed to put forth for me after I die regarding the reminders of death, the condition of those who have died, the event of gathering the creation on one plain, The Resurrection, Paradise, Hellfire and the trials and signs of the Final Hour. All of which I cited from the books of the highly regarded Muslim scholars and the trustworthy vanguards of this (Muslim) nation in accordance to its transmission and how it has reached me, as you will come to see insha Allah. I named this book (The Reminder of the Condition of the Dead and the affairs of the Afterlife), and I organized it into chapters and placed a segment or numerous segments at the end of each chapter to allow mention of any wording that may need clarification, or the understanding of a hadith or for clarity of complex issue all in an effort to achieve maximum benefit.”

Publisher: Hikmah Publications
Author: Imaam Al-Qurtubi
Pages: 391
Cover: Softcover

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