Commentary on Al-Muzani’s Sharhus-Sunnah


This book is a concise expression of sound aqidah from one of the earliest sources. Sharhus-Sunnah was penned by the Noble Imam Ismail Ibn Yahya al-Muzani (d264H) – the student of Imam Shafi (d.204H) – over a Millenium ago. In his return to the earliest sources of islam, the Imam covers all of the foundational issues of faith in Islam including, Allah\’s ascendancy over the creation, the Qadr (pre-decree), Iman, the Qur’an, the Attributes of Allah, the Resurrection, Seeing Allah in the Hereafter, the Companions and much more. The ancient text has been explained by the former Mufti of the Jizan province in Saudi Arabia, al-Allamah Ahmad Ibn Yahya an-Najmi (d. 1429H). The commentary is included to make this work comprehensible and clear to the average Muslim reader. Additional notes have been added from various printings of Sharus-Sunnah to provide a comprehensive and historical context of the benefits contain herein. So we hope – as Imam al-Muzani hoped – that this book will clarify to you from the Sunnah an affair that you may make yourself patient in adherence to it and avert thereby the doubtful sayings and the deviation in the newly-invented affairs of the misguided ones.”

Publisher: Sunnah Publishing
Author: Imaam As-Sa’di
Pages: 128

Cover: Softcover

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