Contemporary Sciences & Achievements are Accomodated in the Islamic Religion: Evidence from the Qur’an


This Book features conclusive proofs that the religion of Islam, its sciences, practices and teachings are packed with goodness, mercifulness, guidance,righteousness and reformation for all times and conditions. Also, the cosmic sciences and the useful modern technologies are covered under the umbrella of religion whose practices are in concordance with them, contrary to the arguments raised by the ignorant or the materialists. Indeed, every science regarded as beneficial to religion and life, groups, and individuals is an integral part of Islam. The religion of Islam highlighted and guided people’s attention to such beneficial sciences and whatever else was useful until the Day Resurrection. It is clear that modern sciences will be more harmful than beneficial if not based on religion.

Publisher: Maktabul Irshad
Author: Imaam As-Sa’di
Pages: 86
Cover: Softcover

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