Debunking the Canons of Atheism with Decisive Proofs


This book has contended with, challenged, and debunked the arguments of the multi-faceted forms of atheism. It exposes the contradiction of their argument to reason, the natural disposition, and wisdom in the same way they are in opposition with all the sound religions. The book addresses their arguments from various angles. It sometimes offers a realistically clear portrayal of their arguments enough to rebut them because of no more than such portrayal. Also the book offers conclusive evidence on the invalidity of  atheism. It unfolds the sly maneuvers of atheists who deploy deceptive language to support their falsehood and promote it amidst the weak-minded who blindly follow anyone. The author also draws reference to the various ways deceivers or the deceived treaded. It offers knowledge for anyone seeking the truth. The author presented the atheists’ arguments fairly and tested them against reason in a way acceptable to any sound-minded person with a pure natural disposition. The book is suitable for everyone regardless of their ideological orientation.

Publisher: Maktabatul Irshad
Author: Imaam As-Sa’di
Pages: 213
Cover: Hardcover

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