Directives & Rulings on finishing the Month of Ramadhan


From the book:
We are now living the last moments of this great season and the Blessed Month of Ramadhan, and the days of this blessed month have passed that were occupied with fasting and prayer and the remembrance of Ar-Rahmaan Sublime is He and Most High.  And spent the following nights of it occupied with prayer, invoking, seeking refuge, and mentioning Allāh High in His Majesty.  Allāh, He is Al-Manaan[2], Al-Mutafadhal, High is He in His Majesty and Al-Muyassir, Al-Mu’een, Al-Haadi to the straight path.

There is no doubt that the arriving of this great season and reaching this virtuous time and the aiding of it upon obedience to Allāh, from prayer, fasting, remembrance (of Allāh), recitation of Allāh’s Speech (Al-Quraan), giving charity, spending in the cause of Allāh, kindness to the parents, and other than these different types of righteousness, all of this which is from the great favors and bountiful blessings that necessitates thanks to The Bestower of Blessings.  So contemplate deeply of this occasion.

Publisher: Maktabul Irshad
Author: Shaykh Abdurrazaq Al-Badr
Pages: 64
Cover: Softcover

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