Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth


This guide before you is utmost valuable and its need in our materialistic society cannot be underestimated. The author discusses the marvels of the heart and curing the sickness therein, disciplining the self and breaking the desire of the stomach and the private parts. It also Covers how to deal with pride, malice, envy and the defects of the tongue. It concludes with the harms of greed, praise of wealth, showing off, self-delusion and how to overcome all these diseases that harm the spirituality of any person that is seeking the Hereafter. The ultimate victory is against the desires of the self. If these are cured and overcome, it will lead to a happy and blissful life both here on Earth and will be a means of attaining the eternal salvation of the Hereafter.

Publisher: Dar As-Sunnah
Author: Imaam Al-Maqdisi
Pages: 176
Cover: Softcover

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