Drug Abuse, Addiction and the Breakdown of Society


Allah The Lord and Master of everything that exists commanded us only to consume what is lawful and refrain from open and secret unlawful acts. In addition, our noble religion extended the prohibition to any means possibly leading to illegal actions. By contrast, any means leading to a good deed is lawful. Thus, the means share the same ruling of their respective outcome. Any measure causing harm to man is prohibited from empowering humans to fulfill the very purpose Allāh Almighty created him for. Cultivation of this earth is meaningfully established by actualizing Allah Almighty’s monotheism and devoting our acts of worship to Him solely; this is the only way to cultivate this earth since the guidance of this message of Islam is the source for all manifestations of good in this life. Wherever this guidance is located, an abundance of good, bliss, and success becomes prevalent. On the other hand, darkness and oppression are the natural outcomes wherever the guidance of this message is absent. “The Qurʾān, Sunnah, and the consensus of this ʾUmmah forbid intoxicants.”

Publisher: Maktabul Irshad
Author: Shaykh Raslaan
Pages: 87
Cover: Softcover

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