Follow the Sunnah of the Prophet


The text before you is a compilation of three works of the learned scholar, Imam al-Albani. The first section of the book discusses Ahadith and its importance in Islam. The second treatise answers questions related to the Noble Qur’an and its relationship to the Sunnah, that were posed to the Sheikh and later transcribed into text form. The final text covers the status of the Sunnah and its necessity in order to fully understand the Qur’an and other related issues. This is an important work for every sincere Muslim who wants to tread the path of the Prophet [peace and blessings be upon him] and his noble companions. In these latter times, there are many issues of confusion. The Sheikh perceived that there was an urgent need to respond, and he has succeeded in addressing and dispelling the doubts.

Publisher: Dar As-Sunnah
Author: Shaykh Al-Albani
Pages: 224
Cover: Softcover

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