Governing Yourself and your Family


The subject matter of this work has preoccupied and continues to preoccupy the minds of our nations members; yet in spite of this preoccupation, many people lack a correct understanding regarding it. Because the issues that fall under the subject matter of this work are so important, I decided to write this work, through which I hope to make plain the way to live and act according to what Allah has revealed. Contrary to what some may think, this work is relevant not just to leaders, but to every individual as well. Each and every human being is a leader and chief of sorts, for just as a ruler is responsible for the welfare of his state and citizens, each one of us is responsible for his flock – the members of his family, and more importantly his own self.Today we as a nation are afflicted with widespread ignorance.

Publisher: al-Hidaayah
Pages: 64
Cover: Softcover

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