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Islamic Verdicts (Fatawa Islamiyyah) – 8 Volume Set


A collection of Islamic rulings issued by the most renowned scholars of the world. This collection covers all the important topics such as creed, prayers, zakah, tafseer, hadith, marriage, jihad, dawah, etc. There come many moments and occasions in one’s life when there arises a need to know about a certain Islamic ruling in accordance with a situation with respect to certain conditions and circumstances. The legal Islamic rulings required should be from those who have knowledge of Qur’anic Verses and Ahadith, and be able to understand them and to use them as evidence as required on the questions. They must possess knowledge to the extent that they are able to cite relevant Ahadith on which there is consensus. They must have sufficient knowledge of the Arabic language to understand the texts of the Qur’an and the Sunnah and to derive and extract proofs from them. It is not easy for the Muslims to contact such learned scholars of Islam at all times for legal judgments they are in need of at particular times.

Publisher: Darussalam
Author: Various Scholars
Cover: Hardcover


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Reviews (2)

2 reviews voor Islamic Verdicts (Fatawa Islamiyyah) – 8 Volume Set

  1. Umm houdayfah (Heeft dit artikel gekocht ✅)

    Prachtig boekenset! Allahoema baarik, snelle levering!

  2. Asma (Heeft dit artikel gekocht ✅)

    Ziet er alleszins prachtig uit heel erg blij met deze set, allaahoema baarik ☺️

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