Raising Children In Light Of The Quran & Sunnah


Although short in size, this book offers a wealth of beneficial advice and guidelines on raising children in Islam starting from the age of infancy to the years of adolescence. Therefore you will find covered in this treatise issues relating to a child before he is born, at the time of his delivery and during his youth and pre-teen years. The author presents the material in an easy to follow format employing evidences from the Qur’an and Sunnah as well as personal suggestions and comments. In these present times when Muslims are increasing in the West in vast numbers, a book like this is necessary in order to deal with the many issues and questions that arise amongst families trying to raise their children in a correct and proper Islamic manner.

Publisher: Al Ibaana Publications
Author: Abdus Salaam bin Abdillaah As Sulaymaan
Pages: 64
Cover: Softcover


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