Seeds of Admonishment and Reform


This is a rare and deeply thought-provoking work which points out profound points of benefit from the Quran and Sunnah about our true purpose on this world. It will talk about this materialistic world and transient world and will describe its true value in comparison to the Hereafter. Small example from the book:

“You are in need of Him! I wonder at you! Allāh draws near to you though He is in no need for you, whereas you are arrogant with Him though you are in need of Him. When you are far, He draws you near to Him and when you are negligent, He reminds you. He did not favor any other creation over you but nevertheless you still favor everything over Him. Lower the head of your regret before the commencement of the day at which you are blamed because then you will not have the face to answer any of that.”

Publisher: Dar As-Sunnah
Author: Imam Ibn Al-Jawzi
Pages: 224
Cover: Softcover

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