The Book of Zakah and Fasting


Since fasting is an act of worship which is delineated by a time period, it cannot be brought forward, just as it cannot be delayed, unless there is an excuse which permits its delay. It is from the legislative wisdom that the slave must adhere to this limitation, and not bring any of it forward, and assume that he is doing something from it before its time. Within this Hadeeth, Aboo Hurayrah, may Allaah be pleased with him, informs that the Prophet ﷺ prohibited that anyone should bring precede the fast of the month of Ramadhaan with fasting by a day or two days; unless he had the habit of fasting on a particular day; such as Monday, for example, or if he fasts every other day, and that happened to fall a day or two days before Ramadhaan, then there is, at that time, no harm in that due to the removal of the threat.

Publisher: Maktabul Irshad
Author: Shaykh Al ‘Uthaymeen
Pages: 274
Cover: Softcover

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