The Farewell Advice of the Prophet


The Farewell Advice of the Prophet ﷺ Taken from the introduction: In recent times, many sincere Muslims have looked to ascertain the situation of our Nation, and what they see were the effects of the Devil (Shaytan), the blackness of wicked deeds, and the bloody of many wounds. They saw discord, disagreement, disunity, confusion, and anxiety. They perceived the evil results of not ruling according to Allah’s Book – in the home, the streets, or the marketplace. They saw these results in schools, universities, books, newspapers, and the media; in fact, they even witnessed them in the best places, mosques, where innovations now flourish. And they have also seen the effects of that evil among the ranks of callers to Islam and students of knowledge. Those who hasten to do good deeds are in competition to find a cure for our Nation and woes. The medicines, rather the panaceas, that are proffered are many, yet the situation remains as it is – except in certain quarters, where scattered efforts are made, but not enough to effect an overall change. If we truly want a universal cure to our woes, we must study the advice and farewell guidance given by the Prophet ﷺ to his Companions and to his Nation.

Publisher: Al-Hidaayah
Pages: 52
Cover: Softcover

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